March 12, 2011

Just the three of us.

Bertrand concentrates on Elmo while he stands.
Appropriately wearing his Duke Blue Devils t-shirt.

The reality of another child has finally started to sink-in as we head into the 37th week of pregnancy. Technically "full term", Victoria Elizabeth could be joining us any day now.

(Although, her Daddy has sternly warned her to stay put until after his deadlines this month.)

This has us savoring our last bit of time with Bertrand as an only child. In fact, with all the family we have coming to visit and help, today is the very last day with just the three of us!

We commemorated the day with lots of cuddles, a brunch out, a walk with the dogs, lots of favorite books, "Elmo's World" in the stander, and... the KidWalk gait trainer.

Since we're emphasizing weight-bearing (and, to some extent, calorie burning) exercises with Bertrand, I dusted-off & adjusted Bertrand's KidWalk, simply hoping he wouldn't fuss much.

Much to my surprise, he didn't fuss. In fact, he started taking steps when the KidWalk was pushed! And, he smiled non-stop when he realized that his steps were powering Mama and Daddy's cheers! He is turning into quite the little ham. :) (I promise to take some video.)

A seizure cut the KidWalk session short at about 10 minutes, but we have high hopes that it will become a loved component of Bertrand's daily routine.

Bertrand's seizures are not fully controlled, but I take heart in the fact that I've been cheering him on for 3 years and his seizures are finally reduced enough that he knows it!


  1. Go Bertrand! I can't wait to see video of that!

    (He's the only kid with Kentucky roots who can get away with wearing a Dook shirt - he has excellent reasons!)

  2. Yes! (To the weightbearing and taking steps)

    Sounds like a lovely day!

    Here's to fully controlled and soon!

  3. I have been reading all your latest updates with the greatest delight, Cristina. It's so amazing and heartwarming to see how wonderfully well Bertrand is doing.

    As to the part you wrote about doing whatever it takes to help Bertrand, I say, yes! I am with you! But you know what? I've come to realize that while we moms will all do whatever we can do, not all moms CAN do what we do. It's true. Not every mom could do all the extra miles you've gone for Bertrand, so why be surprised when people are amazed at what you do? Pat yourself on the back and know what a great mommy you are.


  4. That is so heartwarming Cristina. My arms have shivers all over because of what you said, it is so true! You have been cheering him on for three years and he is aware now! The steps (including the actual ones!) That B has taken lately is just so wonderful to see. We too are rooting for him in Nova Scotia!

  5. Haha--when I saw the post title and the picture, I thought "just the three of us" meant you, Bertrand, and Elmo :D

    (sorry Matthew!)

    I'm so excited to see little Victoria but for you and Matt's sake I hope she stays put a bit longer.

  6. Beatingepilepsy.blogspot.comMarch 14, 2011 at 9:11 PM

    AMAZING accomplishment "B"!!! I'm SO proud of you. You are going to be the best brother EVER :) I need your address by the way since I couldn't make it to your shower.