February 18, 2011

Just because.

I took this video last week. B knew I needed cheering-up. This helped a lot.

Bertrand had ophthalmology and neurology appointments this week.

Bertrand's right eye is still inflamed. There still appears to be some infection. Since it is most likely viral, he was finally taken off the antibiotics and we're hoping his body can fight the rest off on it's own. He has another follow-up in a week.

Bertrand's neurologist was filled-in on our trip to Cleveland, Bertrand's most recent MRI, pending genetic testing, his EGD, dental, ortho, seizures and more. Because of Bertrand's increased seizures, we've agreed to start Bertrand on Depakote sprinkles in a week (in order to lower his Lamictal first since there is interaction between both medications) and then draw medication & liver levels during his sedated EGD procedure. Bertrand's follow-up is in May.


  1. This is totally off topic but I saw B's ultrasound pics in your picture slideshow on the right and it occurred to me--are you going to start a separate blog for Victoria? "Viva Victoria" or something? :)

  2. Cole has asked to watch this three times! Cute.