February 8, 2011

Dance Sensation! And More Sedation...

I just HAD to share photos of Bertrand at his dance class today. He had such a blast! His wonderful aide, Ms. E, rigged up a special carpeted rolling platform just for him! He LOVED it. Bertrand was relaxed & compliant (allowing Ms. E to help him reach for the sky, touch his toes, clap his hands, etc.) for most of the class, and toward the end he really enjoyed shaking his bumble bee shaker. Look at his grin while he "buzzed"! Precious! :)

Bertrand also had a dental check-up today. His teeth aren't looking good. His bottom front teeth in particular are so ground down that there is big concern for the nerves. He may need caps added to those teeth to preserve them. Bertrand will have to undergo a more thorough dental exam, cleaning & x-rays UNDER SEDATION. Yes, most people go under general anesthesia maybe 4 times in their entire lives, but Bertrand? Four times in a little over 2 months?! Not cool. I put all my special needs mommy ninja skills to work this afternoon and managed to arrange his EGD & dental exam together.

This means I am wiped out! 9PM bedtime, here I come.

PS - Bertrand's eye is still improving. He needs another week's worth of antibiotics and has ANOTHER follow-up with the ophthalmologist next week. We'll both be happy if we never see a bottle of eye drops ever again.

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  1. He looks truly happy in that 2nd photo! Gives me chills. Barbara
    (Rest well, You Two.)