February 24, 2011

6 Month Post-Infusion Report

Bertrand thinks he's pretty cool in his sunglasses!
Hi Dr. K,

Bertrand is still doing really well. He can play with sensory bins, track objects perfectly, find/recognize faces, and keeps making progress on bearing weight and using his fingers. The most important change for us is that he is finally happy! He laughs and smiles every day!

Worth noting, in January Bertrand's liver function levels had drastically decreased. They are still elevated (AST 83 and ALT 98), but that's a long way down from being in the 600s! We're not sure if that's thanks to medication (actigall) or possibly stem cells but, whatever the case, we are pleased.

Thank you!


  1. It definitely sounds like a positive outcome so far. My favorite part is that he smiles every day! You know how important those smiles are to me :) :)

  2. Smiles are the best way to measure a good day!