January 20, 2011

Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) iPad Applications

The following are some iPad apps recommended by the Utah Center for Assistive Technology (UCAT). Bertrand will be able to test these applications through his speech therapist in the Salt Lake School District to determine the correct fit for him before purchase.

AAC Software
Proloquo2Go - $189.99
iConverse - $9.99
iCommunicate - $29.99
iPrompts - $49.99
Look2Learn - $24.99
TapSpeak Button - $0.99
TapSpeak Button for iPad - $9.99
Speakit - $1.99
DAF Assistant Legacy - $9.99

Study Skills
FlashCards Deluxe - $3.99
myHomework - free

Paper Desk LT - free
Dragon Dictation - free
Evernote - free


  1. For AAC, also check out Verbal Victor. It just came out and it was designed by a parent in conjunction with a university. It's a very simple, user-friendly layout.

  2. You should also check out the other TapSpeak product, TapSpeak Sequence and TapSpeak Choice, only apps with Mayer-Johnson PCS Symbols, also Auditory scanning with the choice app- Fantastic!!!
    These apps were also inspired by parents of a son with special needs.