December 17, 2010

What will 2011 be like?

The ornament Bertrand made for us at school! Yay for popsicle sticks!

Today was an administrative day. I began addressing the logistics of our end-of-year travel to Florida and Ohio--such as completing inventory & ordering of necessary medication, ketocal and other supplies. I finalized Lamictal titration and Zonegran wean schedules, as well as picked-up the long-awaited Lamictal. (Bertrand starts the $630/month drug tomorrow.)

This morning, Bertrand was also evaluated for occupational therapy services at Shriners Hospital. The session went really well! He'll be recommencing with physical, occupational and speech therapies there in January, since he aged-out of Early Intervention.

Our 2011 calendar, which once seemed so empty, is already packed. Bertrand will be attending preschool for fewer days next year--only Mondays and Wednesdays--and he won't be receiving EI services, but we've already filled the gaps. The therapies at Shriners were the last pieces of the puzzle.

Bertrand's "extracurriculars" will also include "Dance Class" (the dancers with disabilties class at the University of Utah's Virginia Tanner Dance Program) on Tuesdays and "Horseback Riding" (hippotherapy at the National Ability Center) on either Mondays or Wednesdays, and a possible reintroduction to the MOMS Club playgroup on whatever day is left.

That's one busy, little man!


  1. That sounds very exciting! I can't wait to see the dance photos! With his great hearing, music will probably be very enjoyable to him. I am so jealous :) that he gets to go to hippotherapy! Craig still acts as the horse for our sessions ;)

  2. "Yay for popsicle sticks!" - and yay for glitter projects made somewhere other than our houses. ;) Our playgroup is switching to tuesday or thursday mornings, 10ish, starting in January. Or we can wait and start another one this spring! -Lynn

  3. Sweet! My dd LOVES horse therapy (and dance class too!) and it's helped her immensely. Can't wait to read how he likes it!