December 31, 2010

2010 Year End Review

Fern (my cousin), Bertrand, me, Matthew, Belinda and Aury (my sisters).

We are currently busy in Florida with several family events (such as my aunt's wedding, pictured above), but I just had to check-in one more time for 2010. :)

Closing out the year, I feel like our family is staggering across a metaphorical finish line. Any year that starts with your child having brand new seizure types on the very first day is bound to put you through the wringer.

Borrowing the idea from my friend Fawn, here is a representative post for each month of 2010:


Re-reading all the 2010 posts this morning was quite the effort. And honestly, I was too disheartended, exhausted and sick for most of the year to write regularly. Much of the really hard stuff was left out. Hopefully, 2011 will bring positive changes to our family as well as many of our friends.

We're wishing you all much love, happiness and peace in the new year!

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  1. Wishing you and your lovely family happiness and peace in 2011, Cristina! I feel so blessed to know you, and am wishing all the best things for young B and his baby brother or sister. :D