November 16, 2010

My favorite day in pictures

This post is part of a blog carnival hosted by Ellen at "Love That Max"! The topic is "my favorite picture of my child", which I've had to modify to "my favorite day in pictures" because I couldn't pick just one! These were photos taken with my phone on September 1st 2008. The three of us had just moved to Salt Lake City in July and finally finished settling into our first house! Bertrand was only 8 (almost 9) months old. At the time, while Matthew and I accepted that Bertrand was a little delayed, we hadn't quite fallen down the medical rabbit hole that was to come. This beautiful September day was just me and Bertrand and not a care in the world.

I would caption the photos, but they got me a little too emotional. I don't look at these photos very often because it hurts. There is no way Bertrand and I could've enjoyed that day any more than we did. I'm not sure I could've enjoyed it as much, or at all, if I knew that it was likely the last time I'd see him play with his cars, lift his rubber ducky, put his hands to his mouth, attempt to crawl, mimic my silly faces, sit without falling over from a seizure...

Someday, I hope I can feel that happiness again when I look at these pictures.


  1. He's beautiful, Cristina. I can see why you couldn't choose just one!

  2. He is ever adorable!

    And I relate to your wistfulness.

    Bless you and Bertrand.


  3. So sweet - and he has almost no hair!!! : )

    My heart sometimes weeps over our old photos, the pre-progressive bone disease ones.

    Thanks for posting these so we can celebrate his extreme cuteness together!!!!


  4. These are just wonderful. I imagine there is a bitter sweetness to them. I sometimes get wistful when I pack away or come across eight month and younger clothes. Days that were simpler. That is the little boy inside who is definitely still there.

  5. Bertrand is truly a beautiful boy. You are a beautiful mom. Hang in there.

  6. Sweetness!!! He is adorable in all his photos, but I can understand your wistfulness. I do the same with photos I have of Austin before his trach - he was only 3 months's been a long time since I have seen his neck. ((HUGS))

  7. wow, thank you for sharing these pictures. Utterly precious. xxx

  8. Oh, Cristina. He's beautiful. I also understand that "If only we'd known..." line of thinking, though in a different way; it's how I feel when I look at photos of myself pregnant.

    Bertrand is still ever bit as adorable.

  9. Wow, I LOVE the first pic. So sweet!!
    I go through these feelings with my baby's pics, too. It's tough not to look at pictures and think of them through my "new" eyes, looking back for symptoms of Autism, or sensory processing issues, etc. Not sure my eyes will ever be the same...

  10. Great pictures!!
    I know what you mean about looking at the before pictures. I do the same thing, and can't believe how different my life is than what I thought it would be while taking the pictures.

  11. He looks like he had a good day as well - the pictures are so cute.