July 15, 2010

What cord blood could potentially do for Bertrand.

Bertrand will be having his umbilical cord blood infused on August 24th at Duke University. This is a simple outpatient procedure--it is not a transplant. There is no rejection risk as it would be his own blood. The theory behind this procedure is that stem cells, such as those found in umbilical cord blood, automatically go to areas of insult/injury in the body. In the case of children with cerebral palsy (as shown in the video below), these stem cells can cross the blood brain barrier and potentially repair brain damage. In Bertrand's case there is a small chance the stem cells could repair some of his brain, liver and nerve damage. This video does a good job explaining why we have to at least try infusing Bertrand with his own banked cord blood. There is nothing at risk except money. Even if it doesn't work, the peace of mind that we've tried everything we could for Bertrand would be worth it.

FOX and FriendsGirl’s Own Cord Blood Used to Treat Her Brain Injury

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UPDATE: And here is another miracle case from Duke's website.


  1. Wow, this is exciting and fascinating!!!! You are right -- you have to try it. You would probably beat yourself up in the future if you didn't!

  2. Cristina, Bertrand and Matt
    From all your family here in Puerto Rico, we continue to pray for a all three of you. We are confident that all your efforts definitely add to the quality of the Big B's and your own life experience. He is definitely a trooper and it is no surprise, he gets it from you both. I wish to see you all down here sometime when he feels better. Please remember that you also have a home here in Caguas.
    Tere, Amanda, Jancito and Jan

  3. I support parents who work with the Duke University cord blood cell program. This is the only program where I believe the cells are safely transfused, the results are being studied, and where unfounded promises are not made to potential parents.

    You and Bertrand's father are tireless in your love and work in Bertrand's best interest. Bless you!


  4. wow! that is amazing...If I could do it all over again...I would have save cole's cord blood :(

    but, they did say you could potentially use siblings! so that's high hopes for when we have another child!

    I PRAY it helps Bertrand in any way possible...we love you guys! Bertrand seems to be doing amazing...look at his little mind GO! He's such a tropper.