June 7, 2010

EEG Improvement on ACTH

Bertrand's neurologist was shocked by the improvement shown on Bertrand's EEG today. It took until midway through the EEG to see the first spike. He had no clinical seizures during the EEG.

This was all to my surprise because Bertrand has been so miserable the past month (and in particular the past two weeks), it has been hard for us to see any improvement at all. If anything, we thought he had gotten worse because he is no longer sitting unsupported or playing with toys. He rarely smiles and no longer laughs. He just sleeps or moans or does both simultaneously.

I walked into the appointment ready to give up on ACTH and steroids, but with the news about the EEG improvement I resolved to give them a bit longer: 3.5 months. Yes, Bertrand will be on ACTH for 2 more weeks and then on prednisilone (a steroid) for 3 months.

Here are some other highlights:
  1. ACTH and steroid titer schedule set (ACTH 1/2 dose daily for 1 week, then ACTH 1/2 dose every other day for 1 week, then Prednisilone 1.0mL twice a day).
  2. Zantac 1.5mL twice a day in addition to current Prevacid 15mg.
  3. See pediatrician ASAP to check for gastric ulcer. (Appointment Wednesday.)
  4. Expect call from dietitian about weaning off the ketogenic diet.
  5. Bertrand must lose about 2kg.
  6. Schedule EEG and neurology in August to discuss additional medication, etc.


  1. Wow, this ACTH is amazing! I did a double take on the EEG because it looked so normal :)

  2. Wow - strike-up the ambivalence! Great blessings of no seizures! But he does look miserable and that cannot be easy for anyone. Sure hoping all the SIDE effects of the meds will wear off after they are discontinued and cured his seizure disorder. Hugs, Barbara