May 17, 2010

How many does it take...?

How many hands, paws and wings does it take to redo the sprinklers on the South side of our house for my new raised garden beds? 4 hands (Matthew and me), 8 paws (Penny and Mr. Wang), 60,000 sets of wings (the bees), and 1 tyrant taskmaster (Bertrand "the bossman" Might). Though, if you ask Bertrand, he'll say he did it all himself. :)

The bees refused to give up the strawberry patch, so we let them keep it. Sigh. I guess that's going to be another year of more delicious strawberries than we can eat. Oh well. :)
The bee hive reigning over the strawberries.
Mr. Wang, assistant to the regional taskmaster.
Penny, the hardworking polo-german (pomeranian-miniature pincher).
Penny and Matthew redoing one of the sprinklers while Mama, Bertrand and Mr. Wang make sure they don't mess it up.
Penny and Matthew sharing a moment to commiserate over the three too many bossy managers on site.
Penny asking to get back to work. (In her opinion, this was the best day ever.)
Matthew and Penny installing yet another sprinkler. Four in total were installed.
Bertrand and Mama decided to harvest some carrots while everything was muddy.
The workers hosing off. (Or more accurately, Penny attacking the water.)

For once Bertrand didn't make it in a single shot! But, I managed to capture Matthew, Penny and Mr. Wang, all three of who have been a bit neglected (photographically and otherwise) since Bertrand came along. I wonder why that is? Oh yeah, Bertrand is way cuter! ;)


  1. You are AMAZING! Where do you find time and energy for this kind of thing?! What is your secret? I'm glad you have that bit of an escape.

    I was SO GLAD to hear about Bertrand's EEG. That is WONDERFUL news. Don't let the doctor's words about how he may never be seizure free get you down. That is just someone's opinion, and B has proved them wrong many times before. The HARD COLD FACTS are that his EEG was totally transformed for the better. Celebrate!!!

    John Scott sat up today. By himself. I have pictures on the blog. I am beaming.

  2. That is so cool you guys have a bee hive in your yard. Last year I covered a story on a bee keeper and got to be one for a day. Ever since then I have totally wanted my own colony. I was thinking when the girls started school I might go for it.