May 4, 2010

ACTH Day Four

This is Bertrand's weary Mama reporting from the front lines.

Bertrand is doing better tonight! He had his first NORMAL BLOOD PRESSURE and PULSE! YAY! We thought he was going to have to go on blood pressure medication starting tomorrow, but he may have beat that. We increased his water and decreased his salt. Also, while he was a little monster today, I would say he didn't seem possessed, which is progress, right? :)

What else? His ketones are down to moderate. We saw tears again today--I always consider tears a good sign. :) And he's had only one or two seizures today, which isn't good but isn't bad. He's still acting alternately fussy and exhausted, but hey, his body is working hard. We'll see what his pediatrician says about all these things tomorrow.

Overall, I am not as frantically worried today as I was the past few days. (Mind you, still very worried, just not as much.) I think we'll be able to stay the course for the next 2 to 3 weeks. Also, looking at kids on ACTH with non-infantile spasms, the treatment can take weeks to see results, so that I was happy to hear that too. ACTH still has time to work on Bertrand.

Look at what I found today! Bertrand's baby announcement!
Look at that adorable baby chub!


  1. Go Bertrand! I have been lying awake worrying about you all. Glad to hear that your heart is a little lighter.

  2. Thinking good thoughts for your family. Wishing you continued strength and the expected treatment benefits of ACTH. Barbara