April 14, 2010

Hippotherapy Restarts This Monday!

Bertrand was accepted back into the National Ability Center's hippotherapy program! YAY! Hippotherapy (hippo is Greek for horse) is a horse-riding-based form of occupational therapy. Bertrand likes it. The NAC is located in Park City, UT--where Bertrand's grandparents are buying a home! He starts this coming Monday, April 19th at 6:00PM. This is a pretty late slot (the earliest of the remaining 3 slots), but this means Daddy can come! Bertrand's therapist will be a new one named Lisa rather than Kim, who we loved, but everyone at the NAC is great so I am sure we'll love Lisa too. These Spring Session II classes will run through May 24 and then he may get better time slots for Summer Session I (June 7 - July 7), Summer Session II (July 19 - August 18) and the Fall Sessions.

In honor of restarting hippotherapy, here is a "classic" video of Bertrand riding a horse at a hippotherapy session. Enjoy!


  1. That was FANTASTIC. They told us we can't do hippotherapy until 2 years old. Is that not true?

    I think the best part of the video was Bertrand's entourage. It made him look like a little prince - like some of those people should have been fanning him with big leaves.

  2. Both Ava and Meggie enjoyed that too! I have been trying to talk Craig into getting a pony (he is allergic) we have a huge old barn that would be perfect for a couple of pony and Ava and Meg could get some use and therapy. You have to share with me some of the therapy if you get time. The lady down the street has a pony and she said I could come down with Ava whenever I wanted to help her. I wasn't sure if there was a special saddle or not? Uh oh gotta go Ava' eating the computer cord.

  3. Annie - LOL! I love the princely visual! Bertrand was 16 months old when he started hippotherapy. It may all depend on your center's rules, but I'd think that in Louisville, KENTUCKY of all places they'd be throwing freaking zygotes on horseback.

    Amy - They would put Bertrand in all sorts of crazy positions on that horse! And they would change horses depending on what they were working on with him. Different horses have different gaits--which affect how the rider's body moves. I know they were working on his trunk control, balance and sensory integration. I wish I understood more. At the time, he was 16 months old and I was overwhelmed with the prospect of losing him. I didn't think he'd be lucky enough to go back the following year! Now, I can focus and take notes to pass on to you all. :)

  4. That is great news! So many benefits in therapy with animals! Especially horses! Yay!!