April 11, 2010

A Grateful Morning

I've been hesitating to make a post about the following out of an irrational fear that I may somehow jinx it: Bertrand has been doing really well! He seems to be back to his physical capability before the arm break in February, but that's not all. Bertrand is more verbal and expressive toward people. He is smiling and laughing more than ever before. When alone in his room it sounds like he occasionally sings songs to himself--not babbling or cooing--music is the only accurate term for it. Another odd positive is that he is louder! Since he was an infant Bertrand's volume has always been muted, but as of this week he sounds as loud as a normal toddler! He's been having clumps of what we call "seizure free" days (days free of myoclonic, astatic/atonic and tonic seizures), but also a lot less of the seizures we can't easily count, such as the absence or complex partial seizures. He is so much more "here".
Here is a story from this morning to illustrate. At 6:30 am Bertrand woke up for his bottle. I fed him and afterward tried to put him in his bed because he usually takes a short nap until about 8am. Well, today he wasn't having it. He started yelling--not crying--yelling immediately. So, I turned back to him (I could tell he was still tired even though it sounded like he was cursing me out) and asked him, "Bertrand, would you like to sleep with Daddy?" He immediately quieted and put his hands together as he does when he is very interested in something. Then he arched his little back to tell me to pick him up. I did and put him in bed with Matthew. Bertrand gave me the biggest grin, cooed (a thank you, as I would like to believe), smiled a sleepy smile again and closed his eyes. And, that was it! How wonderful is that?! I took a moment to stare in awe at my two amazing, beautiful, sleeping guys, basking in the feelings of joy and gratitude. As I went downstairs to make muffins, I couldn't help but feel that life couldn't get any better. :)
Such saggy muffins are what you get when you forget to adjust baking recipes for high altitude. They tasted great though!


  1. Wow, wow, wow! This is absolutely amazing, amazing Cristina!! It seems like once he started this school that things have just started to click with him. Maybe this was the missing piece of his puzzle that was needed to bring him out of his shell?

    You just made my entire week, you realize that ;)

  2. Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful morning and a beautiful, beautiful post! Thank you, Cristina.

  3. That's fantastic! I wish we could see it firsthand - he and Veronica could hold screeching contests :).

  4. Hurrah! And hurrah! And huzzah! :D

  5. awwww! isn't it AMAZING when they communicate with you and you know what they are saying/wanting! Even if it's here and there...i'll take ANY of it i can get! :)