April 28, 2010

First successful orthotic fitting!

Bertrand was fitted for his first set of ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) at Fit-Well Prosthetic & Orthotic Center today. Also known as braces, AFOs are usually plastic, encompassing the ankle joint and all or part of the foot. AFOs are externally applied, and are intended to control position and motion of the ankle. They can also be designed to control the knee joint indirectly.

Both of Bertrand's legs were fitted because of tightness in the ankles--his left ankle was getting particularly bad which was affecting his knees and spine. We chose the Cascade DAFO brand in part because they were highly recommended and also because, thanks to their thinner plastic, they would work well for daytime and nighttime use. He may grow out of them sooner, but we think they're worth it.

Bertrand looked a bit worried before the fitting started.

With all the scissors, saws, gloves and electrical tape?! being amassed on the table, I was a bit worried too!

But once the fitting started, Bertrand was all smiles. I guess the socks tickled?

The double layer of "socks" protecting Bertrand's leg.

Mama stabilizing Bertrand's knee and Bertrand surprisingly letting her.

The cast material being set on the leg.

Bertrand was very intrigued by the entire process.

Cutting the finish mold off with a cast saw. Yikes!

An almost finished mold!

A few more snips before the mold can be removed, packed and shipped.

And this is how Bertrand got through the second leg being cast: a powerful combination of Elmo and iPad. Together they could rule the world--according to Bertrand.

And this is the design Bertrand chose for his new AFOs!


  1. So funny. Go Bertrand! I am always amazed at how much Bertrand looks like you and some of these photos reminded me of it. He is definitely his mama's boy!

  2. Thanks! You should see my baby pictures--we look like twins! I think it's understandable that I get insulted every time some doctor talks about Bertrand's facial deformities. I wish I could say, "He looks like me! I am standing right here! Is there is something you're trying to tell me about my face?!" LOL!

  3. We know that room! Cole got his helemt at Fit Well. It is all about the fish tanks in the lobby for him. Great fashion aesthetic B, flames suit you!

  4. What a complicated process! Hannah's SMOs (just over the ankle) were a much easier process. That iPad is getting more and more tempting, I tell ya!! I'm impressed with his calmness during the procedure!

  5. Hi, Cristina. Love the design Bertrand chose! Max's DAFOs have trains and planes.

    I wanted to say thanks for bringing up what you did on that post I wrote today. I do know what you mean, and have experienced the same. I hope you didn't think I was being insensitive.

    On another note, I will be curious to hear about what communication app you get for the iPad. We were going to look into the Prolquo2Go.


  6. Your serial photos are so good for showing others what happens during casting. I hope to link this post into another. Thanks, too, for the shout-out.

    Sorry I am so slow at making rounds to read on Bertrand. Now to find out how this past week went.