February 14, 2010

A Valentines Surprise!

Bertrand was instrumental in throwing our wonderful neighbor Cathy a surprise 60th birthday party today! I called Cathy, who is a nurse, over to our house under the premise of Bertrand's broken arm having gotten worse--fantastic acting on B's part, but in reality his arm is doing great. (She was over in under 15 seconds. It just about gave Cathy a heart attack.) Boy, was she surprised when about 30 family and friends started singing happy birthday from our dining room! It was a great party! We love you, Cathy! Happy 60th!
Cathy's 60th Surprise
Click on the album image above to see photos of the party!


  1. I love it! That reminds me of a neighbour of mine across the street, a retired nurse, no less. Michael called her on my birthday and said, "I was hoping you could help us out..." She was over here so fast, he didn't even get to tell her it was to help us eat a giant birthday cake we had here! LOL

  2. Thank you Bertrand and parents for making it a wonderful birthday surprise. Tom could not have done it without you! We are so lucky!