February 1, 2010

Happenings in Casa Might

Today, Mr. Wang, our first "baby", turned 7 years old! How fast time flies.

In addition, to celebrating Mr. Wang's birthday dinner with steak, today was a fun day of physical therapy, training with the staff at Carmen B. Pingree and going craft shopping with our friends Lynn and Kevin! Look at the great rare disease awareness ribbons Lynn made for us!

Why do we need these ribbons? To wear them on Wednesday when Bertrand goes to testify before the Utah State House of Representatives in regard to the state's Early Intervention program. Five families were selected to testify. It is an honor we hope to do justice to. Hopefully, Bertrand's amazing cuteness will convince legislators to keep from cutting the program's budget!


  1. Matthew and Christina
    I know that you will do an awesome job speaking for both Bertrand and all the other children who need an Early Intervention Program.........hope to see you this summer in Georgia.........janet

  2. Hey! I loved the ribbons! And I wish I was sitting on the audience to applaud you during the hearing! It is a great honor to have Bertrand, you and Matt representing special needs children and their families!
    I am so proud of you as parents!

    Titi Lili

  3. OMG, when are you going to testify!! That is fantastic! I'm so excited to have you get the chance to show what a wonderful little guy Bertrand is!!