February 8, 2010

First day of school pictures!

Bertrand did amazingly well for his first day of pre-school at the Carmen B. Pingree center!

On the "school bus."

Not quite ready to start school.

Bertrand's locker.

Little Nemo backpack.

Exhausted after a long and successful (3-hour) day at school.


  1. I love the pictures! Did he liked school? I guess you will be allowed to stay with him since he is so tender!
    Love, Titi Lili

  2. hi, I left a comment in one of your other post that we just started the ketogenic diet & live here in orem and I was glad I found your blog to follow! I have a question for you though...I was wondering if you order your ketocal thru Nutricia? We already have our drs order in & I went to order it today, however they are closed due to a severe snow storm and I don't know when they will be opening. Problem is I need the ketocal asap because my 1 year old is sick & teething and it's the only thing he will eat/drink right now. Do you know where else I can order it? Thanks :)

  3. We order straight from Nutricia, but if you need a can or two, we can give you some.

  4. I just ordered some thru ebay. hopefully they are ok & not expired :) I think they will be coming in the next few days....but if for some reason I need a can asap cuz he won't eat then I will let you know! Thanks so much...that is very very nice of you!

    I saw your little guy has a broken arm :( I hope it heals fast. luckily he seems like a tough little cookie!