February 25, 2010

A Brief Update

  • Bertrand's pediatrician believes that there is a significant chance that his arm fracture may not be a result of his condition--just a normal toddler break. As such, steroids can be left on the table as a possible epilepsy treatment.
  • Bertrand's keto team is uncomfortable upping his ratio from 3.5:1 to 4:1 due to his recent lab results. Glucose in particular was a concern. B's neurologist will get back to us on how to proceed re: diet, EEG and steroids.
  • Bertrand's medical team will be having a pow wow in the near future with a focus on improving his physical and cognitive development and what trade offs need to be made (bone v. liver v. brain etc.). This would include his keto team, neurologist, pediatrician, geneticist, hepatologist, epileptologist and orthopaedist.
  • Bertrand is getting to be more like his mother every day. At physical therapy today it was discovered that he has her same limb length discrepancy (left leg is longer). His stander has been adjusted to compensate and in the future he will need a lift in his right shoe.

1 comment :

  1. Do you think that maybe if they increase his calories a bit he could move up to 4:1 (assuming it is a low glucose issue) Ava was getting a bit panty increasingly and we upped her calories a bit and everything leveled out.