January 20, 2010

We're alive

Just a quick post to say we're alive. I've been very sick the past few weeks and now Bertrand is sick. This is compounded by Matthew's week long absence--he's at a conference in Madrid, Spain. My resulting energy is so low, even checking my email is an effort!

Bertrand's cold made him hypoglycemic today. He was very pale, nauseated and his ketones were off the charts. Over the course of the day I gave him about 10 ml apple juice. His ketones are still very large (160), but his color is better and his nausea seems gone.

B needs to feel better tomorrow because he has a follow-up with his neurologist. We'll be discussing Bertrand's MRI, EEG, sleep study, medications, etc. There is a list of questions which Matthew and I prepared before he left. I'll try to scrape some energy together to post tomorrow.

Bertrand had another "seizure-free" day (yay!), but most days he has one or two--myoclonic or tonic. Still, usually in the morning during breakfast or when he is tired at night. Even the tonics, they're not too bad and they seem shorter (2 seconds as opposed to 5).

The Pingree Center called and his first day of school will be February 8th. They're excited to be getting my adorable little man! He'll have his very own one-on-one teacher/therapist each day. Even feeling under the weather he is such a funny little guy! Physically, there is not much advancement, but cognitively I feel like he is understanding me more everyday. I think the 3 hours of "school" once a week will do him a lot of good!

Oh! And, hallelujah, he is finally willing to watch a different Elmo video! My sanity is saved. :)

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