January 22, 2010

Time heals...

Tonight Bertrand was acting like a silly goose while I was changing his diaper. He kept smiling, hooting and cooing at me. He was having such a great time, and wanted to go, go, go! He kept rolling away when I'd try to strap on the diaper! Haha! Adorable! At one point he was smiling while shaking his little naked fanny at me--taunting me for my lack of diapering speed--and I realized I couldn't see or find his skin biopsy scar.

Wow! That angry purple mark is from a year ago is almost completely gone. If there weren't skin cells of his still banked at the ARUP lab you'd never know he'd had a biopsy. Bertrand's neurologist mentioned that one of the next steps would be a muscle biopsy. My knee jerk reaction was to avoid it at all costs, but in reality it'll be nothing compared to what he has already been through. And, less than a year after the biopsy, there won't even be a scar.

Back to that crazy little baby: Bertrand was so amused by the new game/trick he was playing on his me! He kept pseudo giggling. Maybe he just loved that he'd figured out how to make me laugh. :) Miraculously, I escaped unannointed by his Highness' tinkle spray and managed to finally get that diaper on! This is the parenting I'd sign up for any day! :)


  1. Jade had a hernia operation when she was 8 months old. I was shocked when I realized a few weeks ago that I hadn't looked for the scar in probably a year. I did look then, and it is so teeny-weeny and faint, it's no wonder i forgot all about it. :)

    You made me laugh with your closing. I remember joking with a colleague shortly after Jade's seizures started, "This isn't what I signed up for!"

  2. Good for Bertrand! Every child should experience the thrill of outwitting his mother during the diaper change :). I'm also really happy that he's grasping things now - those little planets will have to be put away before you know it! (I think they're adorable, but with any luck Bertrand will soon be trying to stuff them into his mouth and they'll need a temporary retirement).