January 11, 2010

Bertrand goes to the dentist

Cristina is sick with some nasty bug I gave her, so I stayed home this morning to help out with Bertrand's second dental visit. (Without family medical leave, I wouldn't have been able to help out.) The short version is: Bertrand's teeth are in better shape than expected! Many children with conditions like his are virtually impossible to manage when it comes to dental hygiene. It's pretty hard on the two of us to brush Bertrand's teeth because Bertrand screams like he's being tortured every time we do it. But, we haven't given up yet!

Fortunately, Bertrand's dentist, Dr. Davidson, was very good at dealing with special children like Bertrand, and he had a technique: Cristina held Bertrand's legs around her waist, Dr. Davidson held Bertrand's head between his legs and then he brushed, scraped and fluorided with a speed and precision normally reserved for Olympic medalists. Bertrand hated it, but at least it was over quickly.

Dr. Davidson had researched Bertrand's condition before he arrived, so he was careful not to use toothpaste that might contain carbohydrates. However, we think the fluoride paste may have contained carbs, because Bertrand has been a little extra seizurey today.


  1. Kinda sounds like me at the dentist.

  2. It's a good thing that his dentist researched about your son's condition right before you arrived. I see that the dentist (Charleston, SC) is very responsible and handy with special conditions like your son's. I remember my brother Ariel, he is special as well, we used to trick him with some calcium candies at his dentist's clinic just to get him to lay on dentist's chair.


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