December 14, 2009

Ketogenic Diet Check-up

HERE are my talking points (in PDF) from the meeting with Bertrand's keto team.

The meeting went really well. They've handed over the reigns on a lot of B's diet finetuning and supplements now. We can give Bertrand B6 (50mg twice a day) and they are looking into the piracetam supplement for him.

Once his new labs come back tomorrow, we may be able to start reducing his Keppra (if that is determined to be the culprit of his Bertrand's sleepiness) and we should get the green light to up his ratio to 3.5:1. (We'd probably start by upping the ratio on just his evening meal first.)

Those are a LOT of levers on the diet. We've learned our lesson about changing only one thing at a time, so it'll probably take the next two months until our next appointment to implement all the changes! These are exciting times. :)


  1. You prepared an excellent report! I am learning a lot from you!
    Titi Lili

  2. I'm so damn impressed!!!! YOU are awesome :)