December 1, 2009

Back home and sick--but happy.

We really enjoyed visiting family in Kentucky, but it still feels great to be back at home. This quick post will be a shotgun one--full of bullets. (Thanks, Fawn!)
  • Bertrand has been sick for the past two weeks. He is still congested, but getting better.
  • The KD was working and he had started using his hands enough to pick up germs. ;)
  • Today he was back to resembling KD day 3. Just 5 startles today. No drops in ~a week.
  • He had roseola, a virus which results in fever, hives and SURPRISE convulsions. :-P
  • Bertrand lost 0.6 pounds since last Tuesday due to the sickness and lack of appetite.
  • He is now sleeping a lot: 2 hours in the AM, 3.5 hours in the PM. Carnatine may help.
  • We'll be restarting the carnatine supplement tomorrow since it didn't cause the hives.
  • B is due for blood work this week, but I am afraid it'll still show signs of dehydration.
  • We're struggling to meet the requirement of 1150 mL of fluid because B doesn't drink.
  • The ketogenic diet, for Bertrand, is going to take 6-12 months to see full effect.
  • Matthew is putting in for family leave to help achieve full results sooner rather later.
  • If B can achieve seizure control, there is a small chance B can attain normal intelligence!
  • Holiday decor, birthday party, sub for santa, are on hold because now I am sick!

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