November 20, 2009

Video of Bertrand on the 4th day of the ketogenic diet

For me, today was a series of malfunctions back-to-back. It started with an error from Nutricia, the company which makes KetoCal, with the shipping of our KetoCal. Nutricia made up for it by expedite shipping (for free) 6 cans, due to arrive Monday. Of course, I still just about had a heart attack. I ordered (and expedite shipped) his Phlexy Vits, to make the keto eggnog his main source of nutrition. And then I spent the rest of the day scrambling all over town searching for the ingredients for keto eggnog and keto yogurt with limited success.

(Our Albertson's grocery store was apparently bought out exactly two weeks ago and as of last week no longer carries Bertrand's Dannon Lite and Fit Carb Control Yogurt--the Albertsons were the only stores in Utah which carried it! So we are back to the drawing board for Bertrand's yogurt. I'll figure it out.)

But, in spite of all the inconvinence, today was a great day! Bertrand LOVED the keto eggnog! And, he had only three startles today, continuing the downward trend. Still no drop seizures. :) His movements, attention and abilities all continue to improve. He can now, if placed, hold himself steady and standing next to the couch! Paula Peterson called to have Bertrand brought back to Primary Children's on Monday for more bloodwork and to take a quick look at him before we leave town. I am certain she will be happy with B's progress as well. :)


  1. This is AMAAAAZING, Cristina! (And Matt!) (And Bertrand!!) It's so awesome to see such an awesome response so quickly!!! VERY good signs. I'm so excited! Can you tell from all the exclamation marks?!!!!