November 14, 2009

These boots were made for walkin'!

...and shoes, making a total of four pairs purchased yesterday, including a not-pictured pair of teeny brown loafers that he can wear right now. As you can see, I went a little shoe-crazy at the Park City Outlets! Granted, Bertrand doesn't walk yet, but with the colder weather they'll keep his little feet warm. And, I really want the shoes on hand in case the ketogenic diet works! If positive thinking really does have an effect on anything, with the amount I am radiating, Bertrand will be walking by 2010!

A lot of my optimism stems from the other night when I sat up in bed and suddenly remembered Bertrand's big step-function improvement back in February 2009, detailed in this post. At the time we wondered if the switch to whole milk may have contributed to his sudden social development. Looking back, knowing what I know now, attributing that development to the increase in fat and decrease in carbohydrate in whole milk (relative to the prior rice cereal and baby formula) isn't that far fetched!

This morning I braved the falling snow to attend the Epilepsy Association of Utah Educational Conference 2009. I am glad that I went. There were a variety of topics touched on at a very high level, and while a lot did not apply to Bertrand, I now have new contacts and resources to follow-up with. One such important resource is the Utah Parent Center, an organization dedicated to championing parents of children with disabilities by giving them the tools to be better advocates for their children. While unfortunately there wasn't much time dedicated for networking, I was lucky enough to meet up with fellow blogger Cari, who I'd met last August!

We've already had a fantastic weekend and it is only Saturday afternoon! Bertrand keeps asking to be put in his stander to watch Elmo, so he has been getting well over an hour of stander time everyday! (This is essential for strong and proper bone formation.) My new crock-pot is proving to be an amazing new toy, and right now, I'm going to finish packing for Bertrand's week-long hospital stay, so I'll have all tomorrow to double and triple check everything. Can you tell I am a happy mama? :)


  1. Christina, It was nice to meet you on Saturday and thanks again for letting me know about the conference I found it very informative. I wish there had been more time for networking, too. I have a feeling others would have benefited from it as well.

  2. The few people I spoke with one-on-one were even more informative than the presenters! I really hope they include more interactive or break-out sessions next year. My one other nitpick involved the presentations running-over. All are easily remedied. :)