November 23, 2009

A Rough Patch

Not unexpectedly, we hit a rough patch with Bertrand's ketogenic diet. With Bertrand, things are never smooth and easy. I think that's why we were shocked to see such fast results on the first 4 days of the diet! There is no new video today becuase Bertrand is depressingly back to old form. From day 5 of the ketogenic diet onward, it has been a comedy of errors.
  • His ketones fell to moderate due to a faulty batch of eggnog, ergo seizing.
  • Overcompensation led to large ketones and some symptoms of excess ketosis.
  • We gave him apple juice (2ml) to prevent him slipping into coma.
  • Turns out, he had a cold and the juice threw his ketones back down.
  • More seizing and now a sick baby. Sigh. We meant well. :(
We're working our way back up to moderate/large ketones. But Bertrand isn't feeling well (and we'll be on a plane tomorrow) so we are more concerned with getting the fluids and medicine in him. Oh! And, FYI, now Bertrand doesn't like KetoCal but prefers the eggnog (without sweetener or vanilla). Considering that we bought 4 cases of the KetoCal, this is inconvinient. We've resorted to a half eggnog, half KetoCal concoction. He drinks it with gusto.

P.S. - Fawn and Elizabeth, I consider myself lucky to have such thoughtful & knowledgable keto-mentors! Thank you. :)

P.P.S. - Several of Bertrand's labs came back abnormal: CO2 13, normal range 18-24; Anion Gap 21, normal range 3-16; ALP (alkaline phosphatase) 379, normal range 145-320. Since I haven't heard back from Bertrand's keto team, I assume that these are standard keto-kid deviations.

P.P.P.S. - We'll be leaving tomorrow to visit family in Kentucky, so blog posting may become patchy. But, we are grateful for such wonderful friends as you. You will all be in our minds and hearts over the holday season! :) Happy thanksgiving!!!

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  1. Regardless of the type of theraphy (AED, keto, whatever) a cold invariably makes seizures worse. We definitely saw this first hand. It's disheartening, but at least you know the reason for the change in seizure activity... and colds don't last forever! :)

    Little slip-ups are BOUND to happen, so don't be too hard on yourself. Besides, it sounds to me like you guys are doing everything right.

    Have a wonderful holiday in Kentucky!