November 17, 2009


Bertrand has been discharged, and is now comfortably asleep in his own bed!

Bertrand will continue the initiation phase of the therapy for the next week, which requires us to monitor him 24-7 for signs of hypoglycemia and excess ketosis. We have everything we need to continue the initiation from home--ketocal 3:1, ketone level testers, scales, syringes, ongoing and emergency keto-proof medications and, most importantly, lots of information. If anything happens, we're 3 minutes from the hospital, so Bertrand will be very safe here.

We'll also be hitting the stores for the next few days to scavenge the supplies we need for long-term keto treatment, including walnut/coconut oil, pipettes, graduated cylinders, mixers, supplements, keto yogurt and heaters.

Cristina and I feel very encouraged by the dream we saw today. On his 24 hour EEG, he had so many seizures while asleep that he never had a dream sequence. It's been about nine months since we last saw him dream. So far, he's not had a single drop seizure, and his absence seizures seem shorter. Time will tell if this is just statistical noise or if we've actually found something that will help him, but for the first time in a very long time, we have real hope.


  1. I liked seeing the movie of you, Bertrand. Please send me more.

    I love you. Reagan

  2. I've been praying for you since you borned. You are still in my prayers. I know about you through your Aunt Lilia. I worked with her @ KPMG-PR. You are an angel. God has special things for you brave boy. Your smile is just amazing! Many blessings! / Glory

  3. Welcome home, Bertrand!!! Such a great response in the first few days is an AWESOME sign! We're rootin' for you!