October 15, 2009


I am annoyed with myself. It seems like my body always gives out when I need it the most. For the past month my right shoulder had been hurting, so I was taking motrin/advil/aleve 1-3 times a day. The pain FINALLY went away for the most part yesterday. So of course this morning I woke up with "crepitation" in my right knee. It feels and sounds crunchy--like I have gravel in it. It is locked at about a 170 degree angle. It hurts slightly, but is more annoying than painful since I can't walk right or move it.

How do I know it is "crepitation"? Bertrand's therapists over at Shriners Hospitals gave it a test drive. Regardess of the cause, they told me that I need to see an orthopedic doctor as soon as possible. (Because I have so much free time to see a doctor!) I'll be seeing orthopedic surgeon Steven Aoki next Wednesday. For once the MRI will be for me, not Bertrand. I just hope that my knee can be helped with exercise instead of surgery.

Carrying an adorable 30-pound weight on my right side almost all the time, everyday is probably not helping the situation. :)

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  1. Cristi:
    Don't feel annoyed! I know you are SUPERWOMAN but maybe this is an advance notice to be carefuL! If you feel like gravel, you may have a torn meniscus or cartilage! Sounds familiar to me!
    Take care onf yourself because Bertrand needs you!
    Love, Titi Lili