September 23, 2009

Summary of the 24-Hour EEG

Not surprisingly, based on my reading of his EEG, Bertrand still appears to have what the Duke folks termed "multifocal epilepsy". Unfortunately, according to Bertrand's neurologist, we won't be getting the results on Bertrand's EEG back for another one to two weeks. It may be even longer until we can work with an epilepsy specialist to get him treated. :(

Bertrand calmed his nerves by playing the Wii with his Daddy minutes before leaving for the hospital.

Bertrand put his game face on right away and was the perfect patient!

Bertrand slept soundly in his baby jail. Unfortunately, his mommy on the couch did not--the nurses coming in every hour would wake her up. Luckily, Bertrand slept through it all.

The following is a series of stills taken of the EEG monitor during Bertrand's sleep. Just about any 15-second interval during the 24-hours had at least one "XL Spike" and/or "XL Event" in it. I was not surprised by the impressive looking Spikes and Events during his waking hours (accompanied by staring, eye flutters, mouthing, teeth grinding, and startles), but these images were taken when he was completely still.

To put things in perspective, here is an image of what a normal EEG looks like:

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I'm doing the 24hr eeg as I type this and I couldn't find the difference between a spike and an event anywhere. Atleast this makes things a bit clearer. DS's eeg looks like a polygraph gone very bad all the time so it's hard to determine what to be concerned about vs what's "typical" for him. Best wishes!
    Suzanne & Nikolas