September 25, 2009


We decided to take Bertrand home rather than have him stay in the ER overnight. (We live 4 minutes from the hospital, so we can rush him back if there's a problem.)

He's received the full dose of his medication, and we're just watching to see if the seizures subside now.

He had an extended seizure in front of three neurologists in the ER, and one of them remarked, "If that's not a seizure, I'm not a neurologist."

We're seeing more smiles out of Bertrand right now, and it seems that the seizures have diminished in frequency. We're hoping they'll be gone tomorrow.

We'll try to post more frequent updates.


  1. I hope the night was uneventful and that you all were all able to get some rest.

  2. I dont usually comment, but I check Bertrands blog often. I also have a child with special needs (autism and other non-diagnosed issues) and I just wanted to let you know that Bertrand is in our thoughts and we are hoping that you will be seeing lots more smiles out of him soon!