September 2, 2009

A Crazy Week Ahead

Tomorrow afternoon, Bertrand, Matthew and I are flying out to Atlanta, Georgia. We'll be spending Labor day weekend with friends and family there--especially Bertrand's Second Lieutenant Uncle Boojie. Then Matthew will be flying back to Salt Lake City on Monday while Bertrand, Nana and I will be road tripping up the east coast!

From Atlanta, Georgia our next stop will be Chapel Hill, North Carolina to see Bertrand's medical team for 3 days of follow-up appointments at Duke and UNC. Then, Friday we'll be driving up to Annapolis, Maryland for Bertrand's first sailing trip! Aboard the "Sheets" (Nana and Papa's boat) we'll be meeting up with Papa Tom and Uncle Dan and Aunt Jess. What a fantastic way to end the summer!

From there on Sunday September 13th, I'll be flying back to Salt Lake City sans Bertrand (to finish painting the house) while Bertrand enjoys a week with his Nana and Papa and Great Grandma H in Arizona. Bertrand will be driving up with them on September 18th to be greeted by his freshly painted, brand new, big boy, bedroom! Yay!

September will fly!


  1. Excellent trip and vacation! Bertrand will enjoy it and I guess he will love boating! As the rest of the family except his seasick Mom! Ja, Ja, Ja! Old memories!
    I want to see photos of B' on the sail boat!
    Hi to everybody!
    Lost of love,
    Titi Lili

  2. Can't wait to see the whole clan on the boat :)