September 23, 2009

Bertrand Loves the Angels!

Bertrand looking like he ran a few innings after his EEG, but happy to get wonderful presents!

Bertrand finally has a favorite baseball team: the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim! You can imagine how surprised we were to come home from the exhausting over-night EEG to find a box of goodies from the Angels sitting on our front porch! Enclosed was an amazingly kind note from Carole Moreno, wife of Artie Moreno, the owner of the Angels.

Bertrand falling asleep while cuddling with his Angel's Monkey (now hanging from his bed).

A follow-up call to my mother-in-law revealed that while Bertrand was staying with her in Arizona last week (while our house and his room were being painted), Bertrand actually met Mrs. Moreno. She was captivated by his adorableness and, in turn, Bertrand was enthralled by her! I am still floored by Mrs. M's graciousness, while Bertrand is on the floor playing with his monkey with its red and white tissue paper. The Angels have a new fan in me too. :)


  1. What a wonderful, wonderful gift!!!! Tell B that he is making me miss my Southern California home!

  2. Woderful gifts! Looks like he loved the monkey!
    Que agradable la Sra. Moreno. Definitively Bertrand really captivated her.
    titi Lili