September 16, 2009

24-Hour EEG

Woo hoo! After two months of hounding people, Bertrand finally has his EEG scheduled!!! The following is from Bertrand's pre-admission paperwork.

Bertrand Might has been scheduled for a long-term [24-hour], video monitored EEG (CCTV) on Monday, September 21, 2009. Plan to arrive at Primary Children's Medical Center at 2:30PM. [The test should end by around 3:00PM on September 22.] Due to the nature of the test, your child will be limited almost entirely to the bed. There is room for one parent to remain overnight although both parents are welcome to stay with the child during the day. Because this is a medical procedure, no visitors will be allowed during your child's visit. [...] We need your child to have CLEAN, DRY HAIR with no conditioner or other additives in the hair.


  1. What they may not tell you is that putting the EEG leads on is a long and boring process for the child. Not to mention, sometimes the gel (or white goo) might sting a bit. That is the best time to distract your ds with something new and interactive.

    Usually hospitals have a free service, where volunteers come in for an hour or so and give the children some projects to do. There may also be also service dogs there that visit the kids so they can pet them and ask questions.

    Lastly, it may take a few days to get the flakes out of ds' hair after the leads are removed. Until then, he may look like he has dandruff. But a hat should cover that up well.
    Good Luck,

  2. I'm so glad you are finally moving forward with this. Hannah only had the 30-minute EEG, but it took an additional 30 minutes just to get the leads on! Fortunately, she slept through that. But she did have some funky-girl hair after the leads were removed because of the gel.

    Is B into DVDs yet? I would definitely recommend bringing something for him to watch if he is.

    Keep moving, one step at a time, closer to answers :)

  3. Bertrand and his great grandmother (Z)will be in the hospital at the same time. We'll be pulling for both of them!!

  4. I imagine it will be a challenge to keep B' confined to the bed for so long! He will be looking for Mommy to pick him up!

    All my love y mil bendiciones!

    Titi Lili