September 26, 2009

24-Hour EEG Results

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Bertrand's 24-hour EEG was read yesterday by four neurologists, including Dr. Colin Van Orman, an epileptologist. Bertrand's EEG was highly abnormal. There was lots of noise, focal seizures and generalized seizures. Bottom line: they all agreed with the April 2009 Duke University finding of multi-focal epilepsy.

Let me take a moment here to explain something that until a few months ago was not clear even to me. Conditions like epilepsy and autism, both of which Bertrand has, are really symptoms, not stand alone diagnoses. Like a runny nose can be caused by viruses, bacterias, allergies, genetics, etc., so too can epilepsy have a variety of root causes. The same goes with autism. In Bertrand's case the root cause of both is believed to be an undiagnosed genetic disorder.

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  1. Matt and Christina, Jess sent us the newest blog about Bertrand. Please know we are praying for all three of you. Love, Donna and Mike V.