June 17, 2009

Wheeler Farm & Lab Results

Bertrand and I started the day off with lab work and picking up medical records. About an hour and a half later, Dr. Samson-Fang called me with the results of B's liver function tests. The news was not exactly what I wanted to hear; B's liver functions have worsened. His ALT rose to 387 (from 318 last time) and his AST rose to 283 (from 184 last time).We're still waiting to hear the AFP results, but the bottom line is that a liver biopsy is practically inevitable.

At least we were able to follow such somber news up with a great outing to Wheeler Farm! Bertrand had a great time watching the animals and getting pecked at by ducks with his best friend Kevin. The sky was a bit overcast which worked to our advantage since Bertrand was better able to see his surroundings, the animals and other people.

Bertrand has yet to do his stander time today. Since the rain is so beautiful, I may pop him out on the front porch in his stander. Before that I'll be administering a trial dose of Valium. Before occupational therapy tomorrow, I'll be giving him a half dose of Valium as well, so I want to know if it'll work or just knock him out ahead of time.

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  1. Sorry about the liver news. I hope the numbers go down unexpectedly, and he does not need the biopsy. He looks so adorable as always. Please give him a tender hug and kiss from me.
    I love you all,