June 25, 2009

A Typical Day

  1. Speech therapy with Laura. We covered new toys, games and uses for the sign "all done".
  2. Occupational therapy with Chris. We covered holding a bottle, mobility and sitting in chairs.
  3. Estimate with Superior Painting. We waited all afternoon and, SLC miracle, he showed up!
  4. Preparation for Tour de Coops. We mapped all the addresses and planned our route. Yay!
Unfortunately, yesterday the lab at Primary Children's Medical Center didn't draw enough blood. We were supposed to go back today, but in the morning it would've ruined Bertrand's persuant therapy sessions and in the afternoon we couldn't leave because we were waiting for the paint estimate. (You know how similar 11am and 3pm are--I was really impressed that anyone showed up at all.) So, first thing tomorrow morning, Bertrand will be getting his blood drawn again and, as a reward, we'll go for a walk and a picnic at Red Butte garden afterward. A perfect close to the week. :)

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