May 2, 2009

Weekend Garden Fun

Every day Bertrand says "hello" and "bye bye" to Mama Robin and her four baby eggs. Her nest is situated in our carport, so watching her build, lay and now brood has been fun!

And, this week while Daddy was away, Mama and Bertrand played... in the yard. Or, rather, Bertrand played while Mama did major yard work. (I will never dig out a tree stump ever again.) Bertrand and I braved the weather to go to the Red Butte Garden Sale. We got some cool heirloom tomatoes (tiger striped), squash (mystery) and bell peppers (purple!),

Above you can see Bertrand watching and talking to our neighbor's big dogs who come to visit with Penny, our small mutt. You can also see Penny kissing (a.k.a. annoying) Bertrand.


  1. Kiki
    Me encantan las fotos! Que lindo Bertrand virandole la cara a Penny!
    No me digas que te pusiste a sacar el tronco de un arbol! Estas loca!
    Love y besos a todos
    Titi Lili

  2. Wow, those look like Easter eggs, they're so bright! And look at Bertrand sitting up so well. Kevin would fall over if a dog licked him like that.

  3. Yeah, I finally know what they mean by "robin's egg blue"! It's so gorgeous, I want to paint my room that color.

    Bertrand has had a lot of practice getting licked by dogs. That's probably why his immune system is better than mine. :)