May 27, 2009

Speech Therapy, Intro to P.I.P., Day with Friends

Recommendations include stretching, swimming and swaddling with different blankets.

Yesterday I found out that Bertrand is essentially mute, and today he was referred to Utah's Parent Infant Program (P.I.P.) through Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind. That's deaf, blind and mute on top of being physically and mentally retarded.

[I feel like I should add that's "retarded" in the clinical and descriptive ("delayed") sense, not the derogatory sense, of the word.]

I am ashamed to say that the thought that briefly crossed my mind was: Helen Keller had it good. This, of course, isn't true. Sure, she wasn't physically and mentally retarded, but Bertrand has the benefit of early intervention programs (such as P.I.P.) and modern medicine (including the possibility of stem cell and enzyme therapies).

The past two days have shed a hard light on facts we already knew but somehow I'd managed to push aside in my head. And, knowing about all of our modern conveniences (and how lucky we should feel) hasn't made the realization any easier to swallow.

That all said, life goes on, and today was a good day! Our highlight was playtime and snacks (delicious Indian ones!) with Aditaya and Rohan, Bertrand's new friends. We're looking forward to play dates at the park, Discovery Gateway and a big family concert at Red Butte Garden! We can't wait!

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