May 19, 2009

Physical Therapy: Appointment & Session 5/19/09

Today, Bertrand saw Dr. Judy Gooch, who specializes in rehabilitation at the University of Utah. As we've been coming to expect, she was intrigued/confused by Bertrand's case and astounded by the thoroughness of his evaluation up to this point. She was satisfied by the amount of therapy he is currently receiving through Shriners and DDI Vantage (early intervention). She also supported acquiring a gait trainer (not a stander) for B. Dr. G will also be collaborating with Dr. Sakonju, B's neurologist, on the use of a small dose of valium before therapy sessions.

And, finally, I have to brag: Bertrand is getting on hands and knees! He's done it three times today alone! With help, of course, but that is one step closer to possibly crawling! Yay! This is the kind of break through we've been working on in PT for the past 10 months!


  1. This is excellent news! He should be able to do better with the gait trainerr.
    Titi Lili

  2. I am super happy that he is improving. Slowly but surely with his to personal trainers (Mom and Dad) he will reach the goal line. He is my little fighter!!!!