May 18, 2009

Horses, Bees and Chickens?

Today at hippotherapy Bertrand made history! Sort of. He became the very first child in his therapist's experience of 20+ years in hippotherapy to fall asleep on the horse!

He'd had a two hour nap just before his ride, and he'd had his lunch. He was perfectly content. There was no reason for B to pass out astride Addy (his new horse today), nontheless he got so relaxed... it was hysterical. Bertrand apparently decided that the horse was just another swing/carseat type device meant for sleeping on.

And, we can't complain. For almost an hour he was moved through the most fantastic positions and paces! Front-facing, rear-facing, side-facing, sitting, prone, on elbows, on his back, fast, slow, figure 8s and circles... I could never imagine getting a concious adult to do that, much less a special needs baby!

The exercise obviously worked his hips, neck, back, lats, arms, and more. While he was adorable, happy and smiley on the ride home, by the time we got home, B was exhausted the rest of the day. What a work out!

There is so much video footage to sort through, and it is all so funny, that it may take me a while to edit and post. It looks like a baby doll on a horse because it should be impossible to do with a real kid! My son, the trick rider. ;)

In other news, as a prelude to my hens next year--my "boss" approved the RFC (request for chicks)--we'll be getting our bee hive Friday this week! Annette and Aaron from Hansen Bees stopped by to do the site visit this evening,! I am so pathetically excited about having little honey bees. With Bertrand I am now working on the sign for bee! :)


  1. Bertrand has brought you many happy moments in your life. Granted you all have suffered and are suffering not knowing a diagnosis and getting the best for him. All in all he has brought laughter , joy and a sense of enjoying life to the fullness with him and Matt . Little Bertrand a real blessing for all of us.
    Love, Mami

  2. They wore the little guy out!!

    You are actually going to have bees? Bertrand's Bees Honey! (I see a business in the works!)