April 8, 2009

Photo Update: Medical Imaging, Family, Easter Bunny

Bertrand with the Easter Bunny.

Bertrand, Matthew and I are exhausted. So, this is just a quickie update to let everyone know that his testing today went more smoothly than we could've expected. It the past few days have been a fun reintroduction to southern culture (the "north" in North Carolina is a misnomer.) While used to the sweet tea and y'alls, "Lil' Sugah Bugah" (translation: small sucrose mucose) was new to us as well as Bertrand--at whom it was directed! :) We had a great time with Bertrand's cousins, Ben & Luke, along with the Easter Bunny this afternoon!

Before Versed (sedative). He was mad--we tried to explain it was a gown not a dress.

After Versed (sedative). A very relaxed baby--still not happy about the dress.

Taking X-rays for skeletal survey. Bertrand's arm was still strapped onto a board with the IV.

Please note the "Save the Gonads" heart-shaped flexible lead shield. :)

At the Southpoint Mall play area. Bertrand was *not* happy that kids kept coming up to pinch his cheeks.

Matthew and Bertrand with Ben (right) and unknown child (center).

Matthew, Bertrand and cousin Kelly (Ben & Luke's mom).

Bertrand with great aunt Julie (Ben & Luke's grandma).

Ben & Luke chillin' on the Easter Bunny's "throne"--following Cristina's rebel lead.

Luke, Bertrand and Ben. (Ben & Luke loved helping with Bertrand's stroller.)


  1. It is so good to see the fun pictures. He looked precious with the bunny. Matt and Bertrand look very handsome. Luke and Ben are very cute too.I am sorry for all the test Bertrand has to endure but he is a strong baby. I hope you have more good moments the rest of the week.
    All my love,

  2. I love these pictures! Bertrand and the kids are beautiful!
    And the photo with the Easter bunny is the utmost!
    Lots of love and kisses to all!
    Titi Lili