April 20, 2009

Lumbar puncture, electromyography, etc.

Bertrand gets ready for his LP & EMG on the hospital bed.

Bertrand had his lumbar puncture (a.k.a. spinal tap) and an impromptu electromyography (EMG) today. While we'll start getting results back tomorrow (such as lactate) for labs run on the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) tomorrow, we have the EMG results now.

The EMG of his arms/hands and legs/feet confirmed what we learned from the nerve conduction study. Bertrand's peripheral nerves show signs of demylenation. In his arms/hands he has what would be classified in adults as carpal tunnel syndrome. Just like his daddy! (Except in B's case it is not due to the compression of the median nerve, but the demylenation of it).

Based on this and some other information, Dr. Sakonju (B's neurologist) and I discussed a trial course of Valium. Bertrand is currently prescribed Valium in case of seizure only. These smaller doses of Valium would be taken before physical therapy or activity so he could get the most out of it. We'll see.

Bertrand will be seeing Dr. Sakonju again for a follow-up on June 10th. Earlier that day he's scheduled to have a brain CT scan to look for calcifications in the basal ganglia. This may or may not be proceeded with depending on the results of his labs... for now, however, it is a go.

General anesthesia was used today, so Bertrand fortunately didn't have to go through the IV trauma or the blood draw trauma (it took 4 sticks). Some of the blood will be sent out to labs in Georgia and elsewhere, and if we don't get some clear answers within the next 6 weeks or so, a muscle biopsy will take place sometime in July.

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