April 3, 2009

In Good Hands

I met with a fellow professor, Guido Gerig, today. Professor Gerig is in both the School of Computing and the interdisciplinary Scientific Computing and Imaging (SCI) Institute here at the University of Utah. Coincidentally, Prof. Gerig used to be at UNC, joint between Computer Science and Psychiatry, and he knows many of the physicians we'll be seeing personally. He's even done research with several of them!

Prof. Gerig has many specialties and research interests, but one of them is advanced brain imaging and visualization, and he happens to have studied the brains of children with Krabbe's disease following bone-marrow transplantation. (Krabbe's disease is one of the lysosomal storage disorders for which Bertrand is being tested.)

Prof. Gerig assured me that Bertrand will be in the best possible hands at Duke and UNC. As parents, we can't ever hear those words enough.

Given how rare these disorders are, it's almost impossibly lucky to have a distinguished colleague so knowledgeable about Bertrand's condition.


  1. Kiki
    Excellent! He will be on the best hands!
    I look forward to seeing all of you soon, probably in NC!!!!!!!!
    Titi Lili

  2. Matt, I know how reassuring it is knowing that you are with the best of the best. Thinking of you guys!

  3. I am so happy that you are meeting so much people that will be able to help you. You are very lucky indeed.