April 1, 2009

Bertrand Gets Adopted

In a shocking turn of events, Bertrand was adopted today by Angelina Jolie. Apparently, she saw his cheeks and thought he'd make a unique addition to her collection: Cambodian, Ethiopian, "Namibian", Thai, "French" (x2), and now Jiggly. We as parents didn't get any say in the matter. Angelina can just adopt whomever she feels like. Part of her U.N. ambassador perks or something like that. Matthew begged to be adopted too, but she said no.

Bertrand (above with Brad) spending quality time with his new family.


  1. Aury and I almost die laughing!!!
    Thanks and much love,

  2. I just realized that yesterday was April Fool!
    Me muero de la risa
    Titi Lili