March 31, 2009

Occupational Therapy: Session 3/31/09

Today Bertrand met with Annie Miller, Occupational Therapist, and Maggie Chaney, Nutrition Consultant. Meeting with Annie, on top of being fun, always generates lots of great concepts to try with Bertrand.
  1. Bertrand was issued a cut-out-cup for cup drinking. (Didn't go so well tonight, but we'll try again tomorrow with yogurt smoothie.)
  2. We will continue Bertrand's body brushing program with added muscle compressions.
  3. Bertrand will be encouraged to touch himself with a particular emphasis on his mouth/face area.
  4. We'll provide mouthing opportunities with soaked cloths and wrist rattles.
  5. Because the thin consistency of juice may be turning him off, we'll try thicker fruit nectar.
  6. If we can accomplish it, V8 Splash would also be a good source of for vegetables.
  7. Generic cheerios soften more quickly so, if soaked, they may succeed where brand name Cheerios have failed. :)
  8. Because of Bertrand's largely milk/formula diet, he does not get as much sodium or potassium as he should. We should speak to Dr. Samson-Fang about adding "Lite Salt" to his baby food.
Of all the recommendations, Matthew's favorite is hydrotherapy. Since I am a firm shower person, I can't fathom putting Bertrand through his paces in a bath tub much less a hot tub. But, if Matt is willing to both shell-out for the hot tub (tax deductible prescribed medical expense) and work with Bertrand in it, I will support them. And, I'll videotape it! ;)

1 comment :

  1. Bertrand loves taking his bath so he will love having fun in the hot tub. You will have laughs videotaping both in the hot tub.
    Love, Mami