March 27, 2009

Museum of Natural History

Bertrand (left) with his new best friend Kevin (right) and the Frog Prince (center).

Today, Bertrand and I had a great day out with Lynn and her son, Kevin! We met up with Gary, Lynn's husband, at the University of Utah Student Union for lunch. Thanks to help with Bertrand from Gary and Lynn I had my first real lunch since my family left town! (I really have been trying to eat well, but as Bertrand's underpaid executive assistant I am lucky to get just coffee in.)

After lunch, we went to the Utah Museum of Natural History as guests of Lynn and Kevin. The museum was hosting a special frogs exhibit with live frogs, demonstrations, interactive displays, books... Bertrand was most interested in the track lighting. Go figure. :) Kevin, on the other hand, was fascinated with turning the lights on in the terrarium displays. You know, those guys and their gadgets!


  1. Bertrand looks very interested in his surroundings. It seems that he had a good time with his best friend, Kevin. They look so cute!
    Please give Bertrand a besito from me.

  2. They look beautiful! Bertrand was very aware of his surroundings.
    Titi Lili