March 6, 2009

Getting Spoiled!

Wow! It looks like Christmas Day over at Nana & Papa's. :) Mama and Dada are going to get one spoiled, little Bertrand back! It looks like B is mastering the rocking... horse? caterpillar? Whatever that thing is, at least it is padded. :) Bertrand, you are too young to be saying, "Look, Ma! No hands!" Hold on to your rockapillar, boy!

The amazing Elmo doll is courtesy of (Great) Grandma Hollandsworth. B looks entranced by it! Bertrand is one loved little baby. :)


  1. These pictures made my day. Bertrand looks soo happy, his smile is like sunshine to my soul. Seems he is improving fast. He seems more socialy responsive with his smiles and attitude. God bless him. Please give him a bear hug for me, and many kisse.
    All my love, Mami

  2. We're looking forward to meeting your little guy; he looks so happy.