March 10, 2009

Biopsy Scheduled & More

Bertrand's liver biopsy is scheduled for April 1st. Due to his movement issues, he'll get his blood drawn the day before. The day of at 11am, he'll have a liver ultrasound which will help determine where the biopsy should be taken. Then at 2pm, he'll have the needle biopsy and stay overnight for observation (to make sure there is no internal bleeding).

Dr. Book's office (gastroenterology) still will not schedule a follow-up appointment. I am frustrated, puzzled and a little bit angry at how they run things there.

We have an appointment this Thursday with Dr. Samson-Fang, Bertrand's pediatrician. She is eager to isolate which particular LSD Bertrand has. She'll be in touch with us again tomorrow.

With the last email I sent, I finished clearing my schedule of non-Bertrand obligations. Even other people's schedules are changing for Bertrand. My aunt Mimi was going to vacation in Vail, CO for a few days, but now she is now coming to us! This way she can see her favorite little man and Bertrand can finish his testing here in Salt Lake City.

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