February 26, 2009

Physical Therapy: Six Month Testing

Bertrand has to practice blowing into a whistle and eating yogurt.

Today was Bertrand's 6 month physical therapy evaluation test. It coincided with his molars coming in. He was an absolute mess all last night and all day long. As a result, Bertrand did even worse on the test than expected. This really guaranteed that he'll qualify for continued therapy, so I guess that is good, right?

We'll be receiving the official results and age equivalencies next Monday when we meet with his case manager, Pat.

I tried to no avail to get in touch with B's pediatrician again today. Hopefully I'll be able to reach her tomorrow, because his February blood work has not yet been drawn. I'll try again early tomorrow to see if we can take Bertrand in later in the day.

I would rather not wait until Monday morning because it would throw off his schedule and put him in a bad mood for his speech therapy. If we can't get him in tomorrow, it would have to wait until March 16th. We need those values in to schedule a visit with Dr. Book.

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